Spain's Golden Visa

Moving to Spain and in particular to beautiful Lanzarote within the wonderful Canary Islands, is a dream for many U.K and Non-E.U nationals. The island's fiery dramatic character, shaped throughout the ages, has only really been brought to wider focus in the last 50 years or so. It still has an unspoilt throughout most of the island that touches the hearts of most visitors in a special way.

Since Brexit however there are extra layers of difficulty when it comes to moving to Spain or the Canary Islands for longer than a 90 Day period. So what can be done in order to move to Lanzarote permanently?

This is where a Spanish Golden Visa might be of interest to you.

Spain's Golden Visa, Passport to Many Advantages

Under this Spanish program with investment from €500,000 including Using a Spanish Mortgage to Buy Property or Portfolio of Properties, you can be awarded a Spanish Golden Visa. Not only can you enjoy such wonderful surroundings and an excellent quality of life if you choose to live here, but also high investment returns on well-chosen properties.

Furthermore your Golden Visa will allow You and Your family:

  • Full Residency with the Ability to Work or Attend College in Spain.
  • Full & Free use of the Spanish Health System, often regarded as one of the best in the world.
  • Easy Travel throughout Europes Schengen Zones.

Spanish Golden Visa, Passport for Spanish Citizenship for You and Future Generations

With your Spanish citizenship also comes an automatic EU citizenship and after a period of 10 years. You and your family will be able to live, work and study anywhere within Europe in freedom. There is no minimum requirement to stay within Lanzarote and this allows you to continue a tax residency outside of Spain 

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The Attractiveness of Lanzarote for Permanent Residency

With sweeping coastlines, dramatic volcanic terrain made famous through the tireless work of its most influential son; Artist, Visionary and Activist, Cesar Manrique along with year-round sunshine, it is a haven for those who love sporting activities or relaxed beauty.

Families and individuals have flocked to this island for many years to enjoy the wonderful vistas and bohemian atmosphere of this safe island. Being located within a 4 hour flight time from the majority of European capitals, including London, many people from the U.K have retired here, with good reason.

Many more would have been thinking of retiring to Lanzarote had the difficulties presented by Brexit not forced plans to be put aside.

For those who are seriously thinking of moving to Lanzarote the good news is that the island provides a safe environment with an excellent quality of life. Obviously this was tested to the extreme in 2020/2021.

However the main hurdle of moving to Lanzarote after Brexit are the changes that have been made to the freedom of movement, within the E.U, for U.K Citizens.

We hope that you find inspiration within these paragraphs, to begin your investigation into a Spanish Golden Visa as an option. Not just for you- but potentially for your family's future generations as well.

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