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This Canary Island is located 125 kilometres off the West Coast of Africa and is renowned for it's year round sunny climate, artworks by Cesar Manrique, dramatic lunar landscape and glorious beaches. You may or may not be learning this for the first time- either way you might be wondering when is the best time to arrive!

Lets take a closer look so

Lanzarote. The Island of Eternal Spring

Because Lanzarote is located near West Africa and the Sahara Desert, it has a rather unique weather system. It is a warm location due to its longitude and laditude co-ordinates obviously, but there is more. The strong hot Sirocco winds tend to whip across also, while the North-Easterly winds help to cool the climate and keep it warm, but not too hot.

High Summer Weather in Lanzarote

During high summer Lanzarote can be very hot and humid. Temperatures can reach as high as 40C and when a weather condition known as Calima occurs it has a strange effect of being overcast while being remarkably warm. Thankfully there is always a beach or shaded bar nearby to cool down, however for some this can make things a little uncomfortable.

That type of intense heat does not last for too long thankfully and soon 'cools' to temperatures that hover in the mid twenties, either side of that part if the year.

Many people feel that the best time to visit Lanzarote is around the spring or autumn time however. In fact Lanzarote is also known as 'The Island of the Eternal Spring'

Temperatures are perfect and the gentle sea breeze stirs, making it perfect weather for any day or nighttime activity. March for example helps break the gloom after long north european winters and the average temperature is in the region is 23C.

Taking Care in the Lanzarote Sun

Even on overcast days, you should always remember to wear plenty of high factor sun protection. The glorious Lanzarote sea breeze can make it extremely easy to misjudge the intensity of the sun's UV. So it's better not to take a chance.

Locals themselves take great care, avoiding strong UV's using cream and hats, then usually hitting the beach either early or later in the day. A leaf should be taken out of their book by having respect for the heat.

Avoid ruining a holiday or long term stay, make high factor water resistant sun protection, essential, whenever you visit Lanzarote to really get the best out of your time.

At some stage you will be taking a cooling dip no doubt, so slather on the cream, use a hat and maybe choose higher factors again for more exposed, delicate areas of skin.

There is no harm using a factor 50 on your face, neck and shoulders while using a lower factor on other areas such as your torso. It is better again to have a U.V protective teeshirt if you are going to spend a long time in the water, swimming or windsurfing for example.

In the evenings make sure to cool your skin down and make sure to moisturise. This way you will have the best long term effect from your new sun kissed look. The main thing is to try to avoid getting burned. Tan slowly!

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Average Lanzarote Temperatures

The summer average water temperature is 22/23 degrees Celsius, while the winter temperatures drop to 18 degrees Celsius.

Here is what you can generally expect during the year weatherwise, month by month, in Lanzarote

Lanzarote Weather conditions in January

Reputable warmth maintains wintertime holidaymakers involving Lanzarote throughout the year. It is among the hottest hotels that is conveniently accessible from the UK in winter season, both in regards to distance as well as expense, so it is with good reason that holiday trips to Lanzarote continue flying throughout the year.

Lanzarote Weather in February

Although there is more cloud in wintertime than in summertime, southern and western resorts frequently enjoy warm, cloudless days at any moment of year. Temperature levels will reach the low twenties on many days.

Lanzarote Weather conditions in March

Spring is perhaps less evident as a separate season right here than in some locations, as a result of the cozy temperature levels and also completely dry climate all year round. Nonetheless, this is a great time for flowers, specifically the numerous indigenous daisies and purple flowering echiums.

Lanzarote Weather in April

April is excellent for an Easter holiday in Lanzarote, but you might intend to bring some warmer garments for those night-time al fresco cocktails, as temperature levels quickly cool down to approximately 14 ºC.

Lanzarote climate in May

The early morning frequently starts a little cloudy in May, yet the cloud often tends to burn off, leaving hot mid-days and also nights. The power of the sun is beginning to enhance, so it's very easy to melt right here without sun protection. The worldwide "ironman" occasion takes place on the island in late Ma annually. Cycling 180 km backwards and forwards hills is pretty requiring at 25 ºC.

Lanzarote climate in June

The weather for the island is warm however not burning throughout summertime. There's extremely little cloud as well as rains, but if the "calima" is blowing from the east (fairly unusual) it can quickly become a dry spell with temperatures as high as 40 ° C.

Lanzarote Weather in July

In July, sunlight as well as heat is nearly guaranteed. It is the windiest month, and also you'll possibly take pleasure in the vigorous cozy wind taking the edge off the temperatures.

Lanzarote Climate in August

August is the hottest month however likewise the busiest time on the island. Air temperature levels in some cases rise above 30 ºC however sea temperature levels of 22 ºC are not as warm as the Mediterranean and also most likely much more revitalizing.

Lanzarote Weather in September

As other resorts begin to unwind after completion of the school summer season vacations, Lanzarote still experiences summer weather throughout September, with clear blue skies, plenty of sunshine as well as high temperatures almost guaranteed. You'll be flawlessly comfortable in beachwear in the day, and also slim light clothing on a night.

Lanzarote Weather Conditions in October

There is a bit extra opportunity of cloud and rainfall in October than in the middle of the summertime. Nevertheless, many days will certainly be completely dry and also brilliant with typical rainfall concerning a tenth that of Blackpool.

Lanzarote Weather conditions in November

Sea temperatures of 23 ºC in November are really warmer than those in July as well as August, so the sea will really feel warm at any moment of day or night. Due to the fact that Lanzarote is so much nearer the equator than many European resorts, the winter season day length is longer. It will still be light at 6pm throughout the year.

Lanzarote Weather in December

December is when you're probably to see rain, specifically in the north, but the coastlines are less busy outside the European holiday. The sea temperature level is more than 20 ºC, and also it remains pleasurable sufficient to wash or appreciate water sports throughout the year.

Regional Variants in Lanzarote North and South of the Island

If you're planning a holiday in Lanzarote, it's helpful to know that the climate on the island can be broadly divided into two regions. The north and east experience more rainfall, wind, and cloud cover, which helps support lush vegetation and gives the area a greener appearance.

Lanzarote's unique geography, with two mountain ranges, disrupts the flow of northeasterly winds, causing most of the rainfall to occur in the north and east. As a result, the south and west regions of the island are relatively dry, and can feel almost desert-like.

Additionally, there's generally less wind in these areas, so even though temperatures across the island are similar, the south and west can feel much hotter than the north and east.

To Conclude

Short trips or lifelong stays are very pleasant indeed in ''Sunny, Subtropical, Desert Climate''- Lanzarote (most of the time) of course there are freak weather events which can spring up. Calimas can be another thing that can put a slight dampener on a trip for those staying shorter term.

In all however, there climate is that of spring and summer the majority of the time. No matter what time of the year it is though Lanzarote is well worth the relaxing visit! 

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