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Top 9 Recommended Things to Do In Lanzarote

Want to explore this wild, arid landscape in the Canary Islands? 
Discover this beautiful volcanic Canary Island filled with whitewashed homes, wide beaches and friendly local places to order fresh fish while marvelling at the surroundings. 

The best things to do on Lanzarote are exciting, fun and unique. Take a trip outside more developed areas like Puerto del Carmen or Costa Teguise. You will find that Lanzarote transforms into an unspoiled, deserted paradise that's waiting to be explored. 

Here are some top tips for places to see during your adventures:

Timanfaya National Park

  • What is it? You won't be fleeing from bubbling lava but then again none of these dormant volcanoes have erupted since 1824. Between 1730 and 1736 it was a very different scenario. More than 100 of these wonderous volcanoes erupted to create the basalt, lunar landscape that now covers about a quarter of the island. This remarkable national park had been an inspiration to much of Cesar Manriques work which, in turn, has influenced the identity of 'modern' Lanzarote.

  • The spectacular moonscape is too vast and rugged for you to explore on foot. Coach tours offer a fascinating overview of the sea of lava with 25 craters. You can see guides dropping straw into a hole at the Montanas del Fuego center for it to burst into flames. It is a land of fire and barely contained fury, where dishes are prepared using geothermal heat at El Diablo, as if cooked by the devil himself.

Jameos del Agua Caves

  • What are they? Although the clue is in the title the are more than just holes in the ground. The aforementioned Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote's most well-known artist, gave rise to the island's funkadelic look. This underground location is definitely it's crowning glory. Here you will find a cave system that opens to the blue Lanzarote sky, while housing a restaurant, a very retro and very curvy swimming pool, as well as an auditorium. Indulge in a cooling drink while ferns cascade from the walls as you sit on bar seats that are built into the rocks.

  • Imagine a dream party hosted by James Bond, Barbarella, and Twiggy in sixties. This venue will blow your mind. After dark, live music and gastronomic delights are on offer

Caleta de Famara for Beach, Surfing, Scenery and Food!

  • What's This? Famara is popular for its epic beaches, reef breaks and renowned surf schools. However, the 5km stretch of sand makes it a delight even for those who aren't so keen taking on some surfing. It is surrounded by a cool, but still traditional small town with many bars, hostels and surf cafes.
  • Go for a swim or paddle, run along the beach, make a sandcastle or wonder at the colour changes that drift over the sharp rising cliffs as the sun begins to set. Take a table outdoors at Restaurante Sol to enjoy the dramatic scenery along with a delicious fresh fish meal. That alone can even revitalise your soul.

Visit Haria

  • Where? The drive to the hilltop village of Haria is a scenic one and not too far from Jameos del Agua Caves. Although only slightly further inland, it's peaceful atmosphere transports you to another world or perhaps another time yet again. This small enclave with it's towering trees and tropical plants is reminiscent of times one by and is a real jewel to experience.

  • The laid back atmosphere of Haria is far more relaxing than the resorts of the south. Here you will also find another home that belonged to Cesar Manrique, which is open to the public. Check out the artist's more personal artifacts and even unfinished works from his old studio, untouched since the day he passed. The weekly artisan market Haria is a more intimate affair than it's more famous Teguise counterpart and is well worth a visit.

 Jardin de Cactus

  • What is it? It is a beautiful garden filled with cacti from all sizes, shapes, and varieties, set up like an amphitheatre within an old quarry. This ultra-Instagrammable attraction is once again to be credited to Mr Manrique.
  • Why not? This could be the most exotic and spikiest spot on Earth in this era of succulent obsession. There are 4,500 species of 450 species living in this sun-trap in an arid environment. This chic cafe/bar offers fresh juices as well as green-tinged Cactus Burgers made with potato and prickly pear.

The Natural Piscinas (Swimming Pools) of Lanzarote

  • What is it? You can find outdoor swimming pools on Lanzarote's eastern and southern coasts. These are most likely natural formations made from rocks and have only steps and ladders. Some are built, but have an opening to the ocean.
  • These seaside lidos offer a calmer swimming area than the ocean, but are more wild than a chlorinated pool. You can do laps at Los Charcones, near Playa Blanca and Punta Mujeres to the north


El Golfo

  • It is what? A Village renowed for its fish resuarants offering ringside seats along the coast where powerful Atlantic breakers batter the volcanic rocks. Enjoy any type of remarkably well cooked fresh fish dish from paella to Lobster while you sense the very sea brine from where your delicious morsels were originally caught!
  • Why not? It is energising to see the dramatic of crashing of waves onto black lava rocks just a few feet away with seabirds flying above. If this sounds like you thing then you will definitely enjoy Los Hervideros' jagged rocks as a great spot for dramatic photos!

Teguise - The Old Capital

  • What will I see? Teguise was founded in 1402, and it is the oldest settlement of the Canaries. It was Lanzarote’s capital for over 450 years due to its elevated location. You will find beautiful white buildings, squares, and palm trees here. There is also a Sunday market where you can buy local cheese and leather bags.
  • This charming spot is perfect for pottering among craft shops and bars. Lagomar is another Manrique creation found not too far away in Nazaret. This home is made from lava and caves and decorated with bits of shipwrecks. Then, visit the museum restaurant if you are feeling peckish!


  • What is It? A small village in the northeast of the island. It is a small village located in the northeast corner of the island. This is where you will find the unspoiled white beach Playa de La Garita, and a harbor where fishing boats bob. You can enjoy a relaxed, simple lunch at one of the many lovely restaurants.
  • Why not? Marisqueria el Charcon is a great place to eat. The harbour juts out to the sea, and people fish from the steps. Although it looks like a boring, cheerful, cheap caff with plastic chairs and fresh fish and chips, you will be happy.

Marina Rubicon

  • What is it? It is a busy marina with yachts and cafes along the coast of Puerto del Carmen. This area is very popular with tourists and well worth the trip for the duty-free shopping.
  •  Although it may seem a little tacky despite the high-end stores, it is a great place to go if you are looking for a retail experience but don't want to travel to Arrecife. For bargain prices, you can find designer clothing at the stores located behind the seafront, including Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger.

Now we did said 10 things to do on Lanzarote we couldn't just stop there! So whether you are Living in Lanzarote or enjoying a visit, here are some more highly recommended things to do and see also:

Cesar Manrique Foundation, Tahiche

  • What is it? Manrique's Las Palmas home/studio is a must-see. It was built in an old lava flow with five underground caverns in natural volcanic bubbles. These rooms are interconnected by tunnels.
  • It is such a clever mix of architecture, volcanic rock and art. The bubbly black rocks walls offset the curvy swimming pools that are set in white terraces, surrounded by palms and features incredible mid-century furniture.

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Playa de Papagayo

  • What is it? It is a beach beauty. Actually, seven. The pale yellow sandy stretches are located down a hill in the south and separated by lava rocks. They are protected from any undertows and currents.
  • Why should you go? Simply put it is a beautiful area to explore and seek out other beaches along the stretch such as Playa de Mujeres. However even thoigh it is very well recognised as some of Lanzarotes finest beaches they don't get overly crowded. Be aware though you might see some people choosing a clothing optional choice walking around. 'Bare' in mind it is very common!

Museo Atlantico

  • What is it? The first European underwater sculpture museum is located in the ocean near Marina Rubicon. It features sculptures and cement figures by Jason deCaires Taylor. These sculptures are in constant change due to being colonised by marine life which transform their appeal even further
  • This gives them an even more errie ghostlike presence as you drift through the though provoking pieces, 12 metres below the surface.
  • Why Go? Well, it's another world to discover in this already unique location called Lanzarote 

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