Blog Pro's and Cons of Living in Lanzarote (2024)

Pro's and Cons of Living in Lanzarote (2024)

Ever Dreamed of Living on a Warm Spanish Island like Lanzarote?

Lots of people fantasize about leaving everything behind and living a 'Spanish island life'. Fantastic weather, gorgeous beaches, boat trips and sublime sunsets can all seem dreamlike when you are daydreaming from afar, stuck in a gloomy northern European winter somewhere.

If you have ever asked yourself ‘Why do I put up with living in the cold and rain year after year?'

Then this article will probably relate to you most, especially after having visited this wonderful island at some stage in your life. 

Of course, there are several amazing advantages to living on Lanzarote Island, but there are disadvantages as well! 

So, Lets take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of Living in Lanzarote

Pros of Living in Lanzarote

You never fail to be amazed at the incredible vistas.

The best part of the Spanish island life in Lanzarote is that the landscapes are quite varied and gorgeous. If you like to explore and discover hidden gems and beautiful private little alcoves you will love it!

From south to north of Lanzarote, & from inland to coast, there are simply wonderful natural beauty and manmade structures to enjoy. Take, for example, the sweeping cliffs that overlook Famara Beach or the Cesar Manrique designed Mirador Del Rio.

Walk from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero and be amazed at how the light changes the stunning coastal landscape along the way.

There is an eternal beauty to the island. No wonder it has struck a chord with so many wonderful artists, sportspeople, actors, musicians and even Kings throughout the years. All while being just 4 hours (ish) from most European hubs.

In addition, you can easily check out the various other Canarian islands through supplemented, connecting flights and ferries (or more touristy chartered boats) to take in their scenery. Lanzarote feels part of a larger community rather than an isolated sunny island destination.

It's easy mix it up a bit by slipping over to Tenerife for a weekend or taking a boat ride to Graciosa for example. There is also talk of the Canary Islands being connected by direct flight to the Balearics very soon.

During 2022, our neighbouring Island Tenerife, opened direct flights to New York. These flights run part of the year and are a welcome connection to the wider world outside of having to fly to Madrid, London or Dublin before doing so.

The point is that Lanzarote itself now has easier connectivity than at anytime before. Instead of needing longer connecting flights (and wasting time in an airport while waiting) it's just a matter of using far more enjoyable hopper flights or ferries.  

The Climate is Amazing in Lanzarote Practically All Year Round

Lanzarote island life is probably made for you if you hate winter and you are always trying to escape the cold.

Here in Lanzarote the lowest daytime temperature level is around 23 ° in winter so even winter resembles spring! Hence it is aso known as (you've guessed it) 'The Island of Eternal Spring'.

Even throughout wintertime you can open water swim. The water temperature does dip a little obviously, but nothing like northern European waters. With the sunlight pretty much year round, you can forget needing heavy boots, scarfs, and coats. To be fair there are rainy days but they are usually a welcome relief (when you live here; on holidays it's a different matter!)

Heating bills are non-existant, being able to dry clothes easily after washing or a beach day take extra little 'hassley' things out of your day.

It's not always the obvious things that stress you in your daily life. After living in a warmer climate you can look back at the micro-stresses that you routinely endure daily.

Theses are the stresses that often creep up (and stack up) slowly to the point wondering, 'Where has the time gone?' simply because you are busy, busy, busy doing...... things. 

Looking for examples? Traffic, Being Late for an Appointmnet DUE to Traffic, Heating Bills, Not Being Able to Spend enough Quality Time with a Loved One or Even Yourself! Lack of Natural Vitamin D from Sunlight even!

All of these things (and more) eat into quality of life.

Life, or rather 'Living' is far more easily 'done' in a warmer place like Lanzarote.

Even smaller 'micro stress relievers' such as stepping away from a 'grind' to go for a swim or a walk can be done, pretty much whenever you feel like it, without having to bring an umbrella!

When you live in Lanzarote, it does seem to have a more toned down feel to it, with time to breathe, rather than having to organise every last detail around the weather. 

The Huge Range of Activities to Enjoy, Above & Below Water!

The activities available on an island like Lanzarote are amazing. If you love the ocean and marine animals, you can revolve your life around surfing, sailing, diving among a host of other activities.

Hiking, Swimming, Yoga, Running, Wellness Retreats, Cycling, Barbecuing, Sunning, Relaxing or whatever you are into, is made far more easy to plan for.

Why? The weather is key of course and by it's nature it has attracted many others who are into the same healthy kicks.

Want to learn to sail? No problem.

How about getting your scuba diving credentials? Same.

The list is endless.

Actually, if you can think of an activity that is not being served here, then it's highly possible to turn it into a business. With so many foreign visitors to these shores, there is a market for activities popular elsewhere, that existing Lanzarote operators could be overlooking.


Living a More Simple Life Away from Urban or City Stress

Many people who have moved to Lanzarote have done so to remove the stresses of modern urban or city life. They wanted and found a "Simplier Life" far from the anxiety inducing stresses of a busy world.

Some want to be closer to nature or to enjoy the health benefits of a cleaner sunnier environment. Natural medicine as it were.

The lifestyle is slower and more contemplative on this island. Even though it is a relatively small place, there is definitely room to breathe!

WARNING: Where there is an up, there is a down however. Let's have a look at the other side of the coin! So Read on:

What are the Cons to Living in Lanzarote?

Missing Family Still be an Issue. Even with Modern Technology can be an issue. 

If you are particularly close to your family/friends, especially when there is plenty going on with weddings, birthdays, reunions etc, then being able to plan for everything can be difficult.

By living in Lanzarote, there will be some sacrifices to make. Usually, it means that you can’t be at every social event in your home country.

No matter how well the world is connected through smart tech- Its just never the same as catching up in real life, is it?

Need Something Delivered Quickly? Hmmmm

Depending on what it is that you need of course. Lanzarote island has a smaller population and that can affect the variety of consumer goods available.

The very latest ‘something or other’ will take time to reach here. That very wide selection of stores that you will be used to at home, is not here. The brands and electric goods that you can pick up easily at home take longer to get and you can forget about next day Amazon delivery!

Long Term Rental Properties in Lanzarote are Difficult to Find!

Lanzarote island like others in the Canaries is experiencing high numbers of international visitors for all of the good reasons listed before: Great weather, family friendly atmosphere and beautiful scenery to name just a few. There is however, a dire lack of housing available in the long term rental marketplace.

This applies to anyone wishing to move here and rent as much as locals and has been worsening year on year with so much of the rental housing stock tied up for second holiday home use and vacational/short term rental use.

On top of that, there is not a huge amount of social housing available now or due to become available in the future.

In all, this has put excess pressure on both property prices and rental cost. Another knockon effect is that trying to find a property for rent that suits your exact needs (property type/ number of bedrooms/ location etc) is far more difficult.

If you looking to move to the island be prepared for higher rents and to be flexible of both location and property type that is available to you!



The Lack of Seasons in Lanzarote

Some people find that the lack of seasonal changes can be something that they miss. With good year-round weather, there are no colour changes in the leaf or freak snowfalls.

Coming in from the cold to a warm fire is a thing of the past when living in Lanzarote. That sense of time passing, normally reflected in seasonal change is not there as much. The feeling of time in Lanzarote can be remarkably still!

Just another little note on climate over here: The calimas can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes!

Island Life Can Feel a Little Small

When you are living on the island, at the beginning you'll probably be really eager to see every place. Lanzarote is a beautiful place to live however if you are moving from a bustling location it can seem quiet 'contained' after a while.

What we mean is that there are only so many places to visit while living here. Also catching a big ticket concert or match will obviously not be happening.

But look, nowhere in the world has it all at the same time! There's no Ying without Yang as it were.

The Entertainment Options of Your Home Country Are Hard to Replace

If you have always resided in cities or suburbs, you could eventually miss out on the variety of entertainment at hand.

Dining establishments, cafes, bars, movie theatres, big, big shopping malls, sporting or social events. You can quickly begin to miss out on the diversity that you might have on your own doorstep.

The type of frenetic 'city energy' is not easily found and certain cultural references can be lost in translation at times.

It Can be Difficult to Locate Work or Find a Career after College

The job market gets oversaturated quickly in Lanzarote. So, it can be hard to locate a job that you really want on the island or that you already have the skill sets for.

Having Spanish as a second language is a huge plus so it is recommended to brush up on these skills (or get them). Having German as well can be a bonus.

Simply put, the range of employment options are not automatically there.

Note: If you are working from home, as a freelance or if you have your very own business, it can be great. You can be tapping into the higher typical earnings of work based outside of the island.

A Note Also on Colleges Themselves

Likewise, there are no college courses for every single field of study, so if you are moving with family and if your children eventually wish to go to college, they (and you) will need to consider the options probably much further in advance. 

There's No Doubt, Life Is Different in Lanzarote

To conclude: It must be said, that being on vacation in Lanzarote is very different from living here.

When you are on vacation, you will tend to only see the good sides of it.

Moving to Lanzarote will not automatically dissolve all stresses from your personal world. The rhythm of life is different though and it is well worth a taste to see how it fits with you or your families journey.

On balance however, Lanzarote IS, a wonderful place to live.

Thinking of a Move to Lanzarote?

We can help you find and buy your dream home on this gorgeous Spanish Island. Contact us today and run through some of the points discussed in this article.

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