Social Responsibility. The Espacio Lanzarote #ElSocialGive Program

What is the Espacio Lanzarote 'Social Give' Initiative ?

The core idea is to build a Socially Responsible company as we grow our Property Consultancy & Sales business. Often we see big businesses 'giving back' to social programs or charity in various forms, however this is usually after they have become big companies. Espacio Lanzarote's aim is to grow at the same time as giving back and there is an opportunity to do this now. We have christened the initiative Espacio Lanzarote Social Give and we will give regular updates through our social media channels. Companies in our sector in Spain are being left behind unless they embark on heavy use of new and cloud based technologies. This is where we see the opportunity to scale a business using new technology available to create teams who work remotely while maintaining highest professional standards within the Espacio brand/ Support. Our target is to lead within our market sector and 'Giveback' as we work. It will be exciting, interesting journey and we hope it would be solid example for other businesses while being actively involved in change.

How You Can Help

Very simply- if you watch videos on You Tube then click the 'Subscribe' button on our Espacio Lanzarote Channel. Type '#elsocialgive ' on the comment section underneath any of the videos so we can then personally 'Thank You'. Our channel can be found by clicking here: 

Espacio Lanzarote You Tube

This free way of supporting the initiative takes just 30 seconds of time to do, yet would make all of the difference in helping us all to give back.The more exposure we have on the lovely homes that we work with, the more we can raise money and awareness for local & international charities. By Sharing this message with family and friends, they too can be part this journey, while helping us choose which causes to donate to. Just a simple click of the 'Subscribe' button would be amazing help - So join us and see how we get on. If you use Twitter or Facebook we will update and can be followed through the new hashtag uniquely associated with this ongoing initiative #elsocialgive

“All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action.” - Mahatma Ghandi

Have a safe 2020 and speak with you soon through video message!

Kindest Regards,

Team Espacio Lanzarote  #elsocialgive