Golden Visa Program

Beautiful Lanzarote, within the wonderful Spanish Canary Islands, lends much of its character to the mind of one man & most famous resident, Artist, Visionary and Activist, Cesar Manrique. With sweeping coastlines, dramatic volcanic terrain and year-round sunshine, it is a haven for those love sporting activities. Families and individuals have flocked to this island for many years to enjoy the wonderful vistas and relaxed atmosphere of this safe island located within 4 hours air travel from the majority of European capitals, including Madrid & London.

Lanzarote provides a safe, excellent quality of life and this is evident through the sheer number of various nationalities living on the island.

These are just some of the reasons why people invest, retire to and come to live full time in Lanzarote.

The Golden Visa is also another.

 Under this Spanish program by investing as little as €500,000 in a Spanish property, or a portfolio of properties, you will be awarded a Spanish Golden Visa. Not only can you enjoy such wonderful surroundings, an excellent quality of life, should you choose to live here, but also high investment returns on well-chosen properties furthermore your Golden Visa will allow you and your family:

*Full residency with the ability to work or attend college in Spain.

*Full & Free use of the Spanish health system which is often widely regarded as one of the best in the world.

 Also possible under this program:

With your Spanish citizenship also comes an automatic EU citizenship and after a period of 10 years you and your family will be able to live, work and study anywhere within Europe .There is no minimal requirement to stay within Lanzarote and this allows you to continue a tax residency outside Spain. To find out how you can get Your Golden Visa contact Espacio Lanzarote today by email: [email protected] or by calling +34 628 179 535 ~ Our Team will be delighted to assist you.