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Need a Valuation Report for your Lanzarote Property ?

Espacio Lanzarote Property & Sales Consultants use the most accurate resources available to provide our selling clients with their Lanzarote Property Valuations. We consistently invest the necessary time & money along with the correct balance of Big Data, Local and International market knowledge to do so. The benefit to our clients is that they will have a more accurate gauge of the housing market in Lanzarote, when deciding to sell. By request, Espacio Lanzarote will compile a full report based on actual sales prices within the immediate area of the home, rather than on advertised prices in property portals or regular high street Lanzarote Estate Agent windows. Valuations based on actual sales prices within an area create a realistic expectation of the true market value of a property. A recent report citing (a well known Spanish Property Portal) as an example, found that the difference in advertised versus actual 'sold' prices can be anywhere up to 30%

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Espacio Lanzarote's focus is to clarify and highlight the facts for our selling clients, based on what is actually happening in the housing market so that informed informed decisions can be made. As in any marketplace, it is the volume of people and the amount that they are willing to pay, that controls Lanzarote House prices. By being able to clearly identify these levels means that the strongest marketing plan possible can be created, tailored and implemented for our clients property. Pricing property correctly to reflect actual market conditions is recognised as the key difference between success and failure when it comes to property sales worldwide. Lanzarote is no different. A well established property valuation will also allow us to accurately identify likely capital gains taxes payable ( if any ) and subsequently we can advise how to minimise costs. If you are considering a sale of your property and want to get the information you need, Click Here to forward your details / outline what you require. If you wish to contact us via email, we are available through this address: [email protected]

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