Selling Property in Lanzarote and Espacio Lanzarote Real Estate Selling Fees

If you feel that it is time to sell your current Lanzarote property or investment, then our Selling Consultation is a solid start when considering your options. At Espacio Lanzarote Real Estate, our mission is to seamlessly match your house sale needs with qualified buyers wants. To do this we need to listen to what you have in mind, look at the current market data and then create a plan. Details discussed during the confidential Selling Consultation will be used to map out the steps needed to achieve the best possible solution. With a clear focus on what you wish to achieve, the next step is to establish a current market valuation of the property in Lanzarote. To do this, Espacio Lanzarote Real Estate invest in the latest valuation & analytics tools which draw on registered property sales prices in your area, as part of providing you with a more accurate Lanzarote valuation report. Combined with our teams valuable local and international selling experience, you will have a full picture of what is possible in the current Lanzarote Property Market. We have worked hard to form a team of dedicated professionals around us, covering areas of Law, Taxation, Finance, Architecture and Construction so that you receive thorough advice before & after sale. 

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Through Continuous Professional Development, applying Advanced Marketing Strategies & studying the latest market trends, Espacio Lanzarote Real Estate can confidently offer a tailored approach regarding your Lanzarote property sale. Your selling criteria is personal to you. By identifying your needs correctly, we can serve to the highest professional standards.The team at Espacio Lanzarote Real Estate look forward to being part of your success by working with your property. We strive to achieve the best result for selling clients, by having each property correctly positioned in the eyes and minds of the most suitable buyers. Once the perfect match is established and every side is agreed, we then guide all parties to a successful outcome, step by step. By maintaining the high level of personal service that we have become well known for, we find that the largest portion of our business comes through referral and this is a standard that we wish to maintain.  

We appreciate your business, so come and talk with us to see how we can help. Our professional fees are 3.5% (+IGIC) of the agreed sale price on an exclusive basis, with minimum fees set at 6.000€. As a selling client you would avoid paying the usual 5% commission push of highstreet 'Real Estate Agents'. You will receive a more individually tailored approach to your property sale yet at far less cost. Together we can also examine how costs might be reduced further, on a case by case basis. We feel that a 'Less Cost, Higher Value Service Model' should be an industry standard, however it is far from it. This model is what continually sets Espacio Lanzarote Real Estate apart from high street Lanzarote Agents. If you feel that there could be ripples ahead in the Lanzarote Property market due to recent worldwide events, then let us know. We can help you safeguard against some of the uncertainty.

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